MediaMarkt Health Challenge

Healthcare and Wellbeing experience in the store of the future


Please note: MediaMarkt is looking for holisitc concepts. Therefore, please consider submitting a holistic concept rather than several smaller ideas.

Company Background

MediaMarkt stands for more than 800 stores with sales floors up to 10,000 square meters by the store in 14 countries, an average assortment of 45,000 articles, and an integrated online offering. These are the key data of a business enterprise whose extraordinarily dynamic growth has kept the industry holding its breath for more than 35 years.

MediaMarkt is continually enhancing its position as the number one consumer electronics retailer in Europe. MediaMarkt’s portfolio of products is enormous: from smartphones to tablets, from washing machines to fully-automated coffee makers, from sound systems to XXL TVs – at MediaMarkt stores, customers will always find the very latest brand-name products that the consumer electronics, communications, and electrical appliances industries have to offer. By establishing a close link between e-commerce and conventional retailing, MediaMarkt is transforming itself into a true omnichannel retailer.

Context of the health challenge

MediaMarkt wants to conquer new ground and increase its footprint in the healthcare and wellbeing sector. This is seen as a perfect match as MediaMarkt already offers products in that area - e.g. products related to fitness & sports like fitness trackers, health devices like blood pressure monitors, baby care products, solutions around nutrition & cooking, dental care offerings, and air treatment solutions.

Upcoming developments in the healthcare and wellbeing area very tech-related – which perfectly fits to the MediaMarkt image.

Besides, with its stores, MediaMarkt is the perfect cooperation partner for providers with a pure online presence in order to make their offerings experienceable.

Together with you, we want to develop a picture of how such a healthcare and wellbeing area in the store of the future could look like.

Your task in the challenge

Come with us on a journey, lean back, and imagine you are entering the MediaMarkt in 2025. Your mission is to visit the health area, which MediaMarkt is known for. Now let us become part of your journey and the picture you are seeing in front of your inner eye.

A few questions which might help you to develop your vision:

  • What are you experiencing in this area?
  • How does the area look like?
  • Which products, partners or services are you seeing (if any)?
  • How does it feel to be in that area?
  • What is your motivation to come to that area?
  • Which other customers do you see in this area?
  • What are those customers doing and why are they attracted by the area?
  • What is a real WOW-moment for you
  • Do you see or experience something, which you immediately talk to your friends & family about?
  • Why did you take the (extra) time to drive / go to the store to visit the health area instead of browsing online?
  • What would by your “hook” to visit the health area frequently?
  • MediaMarkt is aiming to become a customer’s love brand - what role could the healthcare & wellbeing area play to make you emotionally engaged and connected to MediaMarkt?

Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluation Criteria of the Community:

  • Wow-Effect- surprises & excites the customer positively and raises strong interest
  • Right to play - Customer doesn’t question MediaMarkt`s credibility and expertise for the concept / offering
  • Emotional binding to MediaMarkt - evokes positive emotion of customers, makes the customer feel “MediaMarkt cares about me”
  • Desirability- degree of attractiveness to customer

Evaluation Criteria of the Coaches

  • Wow-Effect- Surprises & excites the customer positively and raises strong interest
  • Right to play - Customer doesn’t question MediaMarkt`s credibility and expertise for the concept / offering
  • Feasibility - Feasible to implement 
  • Viability - Profit potential for MediaMarkt
  • Beyond product sales- Solution provides additional benefits
  • Comprehensiveness of the concept - The submission describes a holistic concept rather than a single idea.